Stop, you’re making me blush!

Hello Darlings.

Obviously, today we are going to talk about blush. Generally, your blush should match the undertones of your lipstick, i.e. cool toned blush with a cool-toned lipstick, warm with a warm toned one. There are of course always exceptions, after lipstick, blush is my favourite product.

Most of the my blushes are MAC (can you see a pattern here?) with the one NARS blush, which is interestingly not the one you should be thinking of.

Look, there is a before phase and an after phase.

My before phase, was where I played it safe, wore colours that I thought would suit as a brown girl, and assumed bright colours were not for me. In my before phase I bought (or rather had my father buy me) a NARS blush called ‘Dolce Vita’, instead of the one I should’ve bought which is NARS ‘Orgasm’ (which is the one you should be thinking of as it is quite literally the most famous blush in the world).

But, can you imagine this conversation with my father? (‘Beta, what do you mean Orgasm?’)

FYI, from personal experience I can tell you that, ones face doesn’t turn a becoming shade of peachy-pink, where you look as if you’re glowing from within (that’s the Orgasm blush, peachy pink with shimmer, yes I know). Well, perhaps Edward Cullen might look as if he’s glowing from within when he orgasms, but I don’t know, we might have to ask Bella that, though as luck would have she might end up describing a unicorn rather than actually, you know talk about women having orgasms etc. (This is a comment on Ms. Meyer’s writing, rather than a comment on Bella herself) Like I said, from personal experience my face turns a blotchy pink,  this may vary of course, since human sexuality is so diverse, and I’m sure orgasms are too.

Hah, bet you didn’t expect this post to digress into orgasms; stick with me kids! I’ll take you to places you ain’t never been before.

Anyway, back to blush, you just need two basic kinds, a peach and a pink, to match warm and cool-lipsticks. Coming up in my next post, what kinds of blush I like, and maybe less talk of orgasms, I don’t know, I go where the wind takes me. I’m cool like that.

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