Why I wear Red Lipstick

I was going to do a red lipstick post, but I missed a lipstick while swatching, so I’ll have to redo it. Also, I’m lazy. But I will get to it, and to others on Sunday.

Instead I will treat you to a mini-essay on the politics of Red Lipstick, because believe me, the personal is definitely political.

My mother has these rules about wearing dark, bold colours in the evening. I’ve tried to explain to her that she prefers to hide-away from people’s gaze (as separate from the male gaze, which I will definitely touch upon later), where I choose to actively occupy public space. Largely this is linked to the politics of space, wherein in women and their access to public space, where we are told to occupy as little physical, visual, emotional space as possible. (check out the blog: Move the fuck over Bro!, which shows how men physically occupy space, much more so than women, as it relates to a more abstract occupation of space by women)

Therefore the act of wearing a bold red lip at any hour of the day that suits my fancy, is not an act of attention, it is primarily because I fucking like red lipstick, and I love that it makes me feel like a fucking Queen, and also, at a deeper level, an act of rebellion, that says I refuse to hide myself away because patriarchy demands that I wear subdued colours in the day time, I want to visibly occupy space.

This is why I always, always recommend red lipstick to anyone who asks me for colour recommendations. Wear Red, wear Fuschia, Green, Black, each act of rebellion is another fuck you to patriarchy!

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