How to Use Lip Liner

That’s obviously not me. But the wonderful blogger behind: Makeup Tips

But I think the video demonstrates how to use lip liner correctly. Lip Liner, is exactly that, it doesn’t just outline your lips or provide shape, it exists as a liner between your lipstick and your lips and make them last longer.

At makeup counters at Shopper’s Stop etc., I’ve seen the assistants wear a darker liner outlining their lips, with a super light lipstick, which is not what its only purpose is.

I also saw a friend last weekend, line her lips and then use the lipstick, which arguably defeats the purpose of it, thankfully they were the same colour. However, since I’d already pointed out that the blush she picked was one that was ill-suited for her skin (in that it wasn’t pigmented enough, more about how these non-pigmented blushes that are hawked by L’Oreal et al, are horrible for us Indian girls, later) I didn’t want to seem like a pedant, so I resolved to tell them later, which is why I decided this needed to be my first make-up post, since most people use it wrongly or don’t understand it’s purpose.

Lip-liners can be used as an alternate to lipstick, I saw a post over at XOVain the other day where the poster said their Make up artist friend suggested the best to way have long-lasting red lips is to wear the liner and nothing else. (I’ll post another video later with Lisa Elderidge talking about how to get the perfect red lip), I cannot comment on the efficacy of this, since I have yet to try it, so more when I do.

Alternatively, lip liner are used largely under bright matte lipsticks, like red lipstick, to make them last longer. But one can also use a nude/same shade as your lips liner and wear some clear gloss over it to get a nude lipstick. Or what I like to do is, to make a nude lipstick pop, wear a similar shaded liner beneath it, and wear the lipstick over it. I’ll post swatches later.

But apart from wearing it correctly, you really need to just experiment. Most of these tutorials should be guidelines not gospels.

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