Hello, my non-existent audience, have you missed my wise words?

So someone on facebook (all names have been redacted, hah, see what I did there?) pointed out that, apparently a post I made about an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette (they are the best in the world, any make up mules willing to ferry some for me?) convinced them to buy it.

So another friend said I should start a make-up blog, you know in addition to my fandom blog, wherein in I wax eloquent on the perfection that is Steve Roger’s backside or cry many many tears of the state of Jean Grey in comics, or where I claim to have accepted Emma Frost as my Lord and Saviour (To my friend who convinced me to , I apologise, but I’m now a convert) . ANYWAY, this now a blog, where I will talk about many things but particularly, my feminist and political engagement with The Beauty Myth and with my attempt at subverting the use of make-up.

Coming up: Lip Liners, what are they and how to use them.

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