Figuring out your undertones!

There is literally nothing on Earth that can make me feel like the benevolent despot I wish I was, like Red Lipstick.

I have five six. It’s still not enough. But first, you need to know that literally everyone on earth can wear red lipstick. And at this point I want to point out that I hope people of all sexes, genders and sexual orientations who are interested in my blog, are reading it.

Before wearing red lipstick, you need to figure out the undertone to your skin. There are some basic ways of figuring it out, I fully understand two of them:

First the jewellery test: If Gold jewellery looks better on you then you are more than likely warm toned i.e. you have yellowish skin, or more famously olive-toned skin – us brown people tend toward the warmer tones. If Silver jewellery looks better on you, then you’re more than likely cool-toned, usually that means you have slightly pinkish skin. However, if both look good on you then you’re probably neutral, which means lucky you, you can literally wear any colour. (also high five, I’m a neutral too!)

The other test is to hold your wrist up, in natural light, if the veins in your wrist are green then you’re warm toned (see above for detailed explanation) and if they’re blue then you’re cool toned, and if you can’t tell (like me!) you’re likely neutral.

Similarly, if you look better in warm colours then you’re warm toned, cool colours – cool toned, all colours – neutral, and so on.

But if you want my advice, fuck all these rules, and just try on a colour on your fingers (which in texture and colour are closest to your lips) hold it up against your face, and see if you like it, and you feel you can rock the fuck out of it, then buy it and wear the fuck out of it.

FYI, at MAC & Inglot stores, they’ll sanitize lipsticks for you and allow you to actually wear them, be sure to ask the make-up artist tho, because in my experience wearing it and swatching it sometimes shows a difference in colour.

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